Map Updates

Map Updates & Additions


2 new journal posts, USFS forest service roads, points of interest and campgrounds have been added to the map. The new GPS route starts in Dillard, GA and covers USFS and paved roads to Helen, GA. Click this link to go directly to the page for this route.

The points on this map are a collection of places I have visited and also that others have shared. Please respect the property rights of others and do not trespass on privately owned property or on trails or roads that are closed. The points with a gray pin are closed or inactive. When planning to travel on USFS Forest Service Roads always check the status of the road at the USFS Visitor Map as some roads are closed seasonally and some are open year-round. You can also check the USFS Forest Service Road Google Map for road status as well.

I try to keep the map updated to note when a trail or road is closed, but please reply to this e-mail or send me a message via the form on the ‘About’ page if you visit a point on the map that needs to be updated.

You can find any of the points in this e-mail by clicking the magnifying glass (search) icon on the map legend on the left-hand side of the map on the main page and typing in the name of the point.


Journal Posts

ATOTO A6 Double-DIN Navigation Stereo Install in a Jeep Wrangler TJ

Step-by-step instructions on how to install a double-DIN size ATOTO A6 navigation stereo in a TJ.

How to Print Full-Size USGS or USPS Topo Quad Maps at Staples

How to print full size topographic maps from USGS or USFS quad PDF files.

Forest Service Roads

Added the following Forest Service Roads in GA:

  • Forest Service Road 22 – Tumbling Creek Rd (Epworth, GA)
  • Forest Service Road 62 – Curahee Mountain Rd (Toccoa, GA)
  • Forest Service Road 283 – Indian Grave Gap Rd (Hiawassee, GA)
  • Forest Service Road 32 – Patterson Gap Rd (Rabun Gap, GA)
  • Forest Service Road 631 – Tatum Lead Rd (Chatsworth, GA)

Added the following Forest Service Roads in TN:

  • Forest Service Road 23 – McFarland Rd (Turtletown, TN)
  • Forest Service Road 103 – Lost Creek Rd (Reliance, TN)
  • Forest Service Road 236 – Smith Creek Rd (Turtletown, TN)
  • Forest Service Road 23A – Turtletown ADIT Rd (Turtletown, TN)

Points of Interest / Features

  • Ocoee River Flume Valve (Turtletown, TN)
  • McFarland Concrete Platform (Turtletown, TN)
  • Appalachia Power House (Reliance, TN)
  • Jacks River Falls Trail (Blue Ridge, GA)


  • Tumbling Creek Campground (Copperhill, TN)
  • Lost Creek Campground (Reliance, TN)