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How to Paint A Jeep Hardtop Interior | Jeep Hardtop Paint

I never really cared for the plain white finish that Jeep hardtops have from the factory. I felt like it clashed against the rest of the Jeep’s interior and had an “unfinished” look. So instead of just leaving it unfinished, I decided to paint the interior black!

Follow along in the video below for step-by-step instructions on how to paint a Jeep hardtop interior from start to finish.

Interested in making a custom Jeep hardtop headliner? Check out this video and the companion post to learn how.

I used the following products for this project:
■ SEM Trim Black 20 oz. Aerosol Can Paint (# 39143) – (Qty: 4)
■ 3M Gray Ultra-Fine Hand Pand / Scuff Pad (# 07448) – (Qty: 2)
■ Scotch Blue 1.41″ Painters Tape (Masking Tape) – (Qty: 1)
■ Trimaco Easy Mask 18″ x 180′ Brown General Purpose Masking Paper –
■ Xacto Black Gripster Knife –
■ Klean Strip Acetone – (1 qt.)
■ TECKWRAP Plastic Felt Edge Squeegee 4″ –
■ 3M 7502 Half Facepiece Reusable Mask –
■ 3M 2901 P100 Particulate Filters – (Qty: 2)

Step 1: Hardware Removal – 1:17
Step 2: Masking – 4:09
Step 3: Clean With Scuff Pads – 14:06
Step 4: Clean With Acetone – 17:39
Step 5: Apply Paint – 21:00

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